The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Monday, May 01, 2006

Seeing More And Some Of The Reasons Why

Would you like to experience greater benevolence in your life? I believe we all would therefore it's important to give you something that you can do now and practice at your leisure or when you have the time. If it is noisy where you are, feel free to use earplugs.

I'm going to recommend you do the following - it will require that you stand or sit in front of a wall that is relatively blank - meaning there's nothing on it that catches your attention, just a blank wall or a plain wall.

Put something on the wall yourself - meaning any small object - it could be a bottle cap, it could be just a piece of dark colored paper if the wall is light colored or a piece of light colored paper if the wall is dark. It ought to be no bigger than three quarters of an inch round or one inch square.

Sit or stand about ten feet to twelve feet away from the wall if you can. If you cannot than do the best you can, maybe just three or four feet would be acceptable. Then stare at the thing - whatever you've put there. Try to catch yourself when you start thinking.

I know I've discussed this before but it's time to build on it because it will lead you to greater benevolence. Every time you start to think just stop thinking and resume staring. If you begin to see light around the object thats fine, just continue looking at it.

This not only allows you to develop your capability to concentrate on one thing but also will allow you to expand your consciousness because it has a second stage. After you have been able to do that for a time and experienced a considerable amount of relaxation and able to notice the object and not think - don't try and time it, otherwise that will be intimidating you but you notice you can stare at it without thinking - then after practicing this for three or four different times at least or longer if you like then resume the work next time by sitting or standing at your usual distance in front of the object and this time focus your eyes on the space between your eyes and that object.

You will of course notice the object but focus your eyes in various positions - meaning different points of focus between your eyes and the object and just work on that - concentrating on the space between your eyes and the object - again keeping yourself from thinking as best you can. What may happen is that you will begin to see other life forms that are there.

It is important for those of you who wish to begin this now to notice that other life forms are with you at all times and now more than ever because it is clearly understood beyond this planet and with angels and guides and Creator, who's ever present on this planet, that it is important for you to wake up to your other capabilities. This is what I've been taught and this is what I believe.

This technique will help you to see things that are there. If this type of thing frightens you then say the following Living Prayer before you begin. I recommend you say, "I am asking that I experience only benevolent circumstances in my observation and in my experience of other beings - that whatever I see or feel or hear or sense in any way be only benevolent for me and even if possible improve the quality of my life."

Many of you have wondered where the so-called ETs are that are supposed to come and improve our lives here. Would you believe they are here now but in order to help them to feel safe in our presence and to feel at ease, doing techniques such as this - and others that I will teach in time will allow a greater assimilation of communion between us and these potential and great benevolent friends.

You might wonder why thats so important but you know, most of these beings from other planets or even from other places of being do not have the experience with discomfort and learning how to handle discomfort the way we do. They have much to offer us so I recommend you provide for their safety and for your own by saying that Living Prayer.

If you prefer to put it in a prayerful form of your own kind also that is acceptable but please say the Living Prayer word for word as I've recommended here first. In my experience that has always worked for me. I cannot guarantee the prayers you say in your form will be enough to work in the working and in the application of this advanced capability that you have now that I'm attempting to remind you of with these teaching techniques here - though it is fine to include them if you like if it is a comfort to you.

It is not my intention to lecture you but it is my intention to liberate you and allow you to expand your own consciousness in the most benevolent way.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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