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The Wand Position
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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Neighborhoods And Neighbors

Co-ordinating our activities to bring about greater co-operation with all people sometimes seems like a challenge beyond our true capacities and yet as the population grows and as everyone needs to co-ordinate and co-operate simply to get along well I believe it can be done without regimentation. I also believe the building blocks are already in place.

Those of you who've been reading this blog for a time have read many encouraging thoughts and have also perhaps considered that some of it is wisdom worth your while - I hope so.

Many others of you have been involved in the teachings and have taken them to heart, that's good too.

What about all the people though - everyone an individual - everyone with a spark of Creator - everyone with needs, desires, hopes and dreams. There are many people here and many talents, abilities and yes - learned capacities. Someday soon we will all be doing more along the lines of trading with each other, not because we don't have money but because it's more rewarding and yes - even fun to do things along the lines of barter as friends of mine are doing and you probably know people doing it too.

This old fashioned method of getting along with each other benevolently has great value because we learn to appreciate what each other can do not only for each other but for the community. Look into it. Ask your friends, your family and even friends of your friends.

Find out what goes on in the neighborhood and who might be interested in the talents and products you have and what talents and products you need. I know that this is not news to a lot of you that barter and trade can exist but think about how much mutual co-operation and need for each other it also brings about - and yes - it does support co-ordinating our activities.

Sometimes we don't even realize what our neighbors are doing for a living or what skills they have that they also can do. It is a time now to know our neighbors and to appreciate them for the qualities that we cherish. They may not always do things that we cherish but then we may not either. So lets get to know each other, find out how valuable we are to each other and let that grow beyond the borders of our neighborhood and beyond.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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