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The Wand Position
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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Reconnecting To Our Future

There is a time approaching now where you will all feel an unusual sense of restructuring of your lives. Oh your loved ones will be with you and nothing that is benevolent in your life and enjoyable will vanish unexpectedly but what is occurring is that the connection our planet has to the past is dissipating only insofar as the pain of the past is involved and I'm referring here to the distant historical past as well as to the past of our own pain.

Something better is happening. The future of Earth will be very benevolent indeed and that is what we are connecting to now. It is an opportunity to experience different things. You will find that old pains, sadnesses and people, places and things associated with those pains will begin to dissipate in your memory and it will be hard to remember them but this may be a good thing as that often prompts suffering.

There will also be a desire and a pleasure in experiencing many people as new friends who seem to have a great deal in common with you and this will be a surprise as you will often feel when you look at each other that you don't see how you could possibly have so much in common and yet it is a time of friendship - a time of experience that is very benevolent and a time that will allow you to feel safe, happy and will feel like opportunities are abundant.

I know this sounds a bit excessively cheerful eh and I'm not trying to overdo it believe me but I do want you to consider saying the following Living Prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that in the now times that are connected to our benevolent future and the connection - so strong to our present - continue to be strengthened - pulling us towards our benevolent and happier future and to allow us to experience our greatest joy and fulfillment."

If you like you could also say the following Benevolent Magic, "I request that my life improve now to include all the fulfillment and happiness I have always wanted and that this fulfillment and happiness will result in the most welcome benevolent experience of life I have ever known."

I will say more about these things as time goes on but for now I want to encourage you - don't be shy or afraid - things are getting better and it will be alright if you're a bit forgetful about the past. Much of it is perhaps as well to let it go.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Patrice said...

Dear Robert, thank you for bringing our attention on the 17th and for the insights you gave us to adjust our antenas...Was feeling things changing slowly since a few months (consciousness of time accelerating, new way of getting things done, sincronicities,...) but on thursday 14th around 4 AM got the feeling of a clear shift, something like being back to our full power or Divine essence...A feeling like "Yes we are pieces of the Divine and all choices are ours"...Not only this idea of choices but the idea of no consequences, just choosing without the idea of cause and effect...just the now. A succession of NOW...I then thought...(but maybe is it just an intellectual thing) that something was happening via our DNA, like the 12 strands connectiong step by step and introducting quantum shifts...
Anyway today in Tokyo the atmosphere is very loving, all nature bursting, we had lunch on the terrace, three birds came to play around, nice feeling, no will to work, just relax and enjoy.

Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, thank you for sharing your experience and providing a picture painted most beautifully in words of a beautiful day in Japan.

Sharon said...

Thank you for this post. It has amazing connections to things that are occuring in my life. And it came at a time that I needed encouragement.

Robert Shapiro said...

Sharon, thank you for your comment. I'm glad that this post was helpful and nurturing for you. It is something I feel good about too - so we'll all look forward to it eh. I know it's here. I can feel it.