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The Wand Position
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Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Living Prayer For April 4th

Now you have an opportunity coming up here to create a generational experience. What do I mean by that?

This means an experience that can support and nurture young ones coming up now. I'm going to encourage those of you between the ages of twenty to sixty years old, and we'll have a little flexibility of a few years either way, to say the following Living Prayer. Try to say it somewhere around twelve noon at your time on April the forth and this is what you could say if you like, "I am asking that all children born now for the next twenty five years have the opportunity to experience their full hearts, their full spirits and their full intellect that is available beyond this planet and beyond life as we know it here on Earth and to apply these things for themselves and others in the most benevolent way."

Now the reason I call this a generational thing is that this represents several generations doing something for the present and the future that effects a generation coming up. It is a wondrous thing is it not - it is possible, truly possible if even fifty people say this at noon on April forth of their time that it can really happen.

Do you know that when we want something to take place that is benevolent it does not require more than one person to say it but it is a great comfort if we know in our hearts that many are saying it.

My feeling is that this is something that many of you will want to do and thats why I'm offering it as a possibility. I will offer more of these things in the future as I am inspired to do so and guided to do so as well. I hope you enjoy these opportunities and I hope you know in your hearts that you are helping. You are helping the world and you are helping the young ones coming up. Is that not wonderful.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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