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The Wand Position
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Friday, March 03, 2006

Learn To See The Beauty In Ourselves

Today I would like to speak to you about something that I believe is misunderstood in our time. Many people collect items in our time that are of the animal world - whether it be a deer or an elk hide or exotic feathers or even stuffed animals or other. I feel that there's been a misunderstanding here for a long time.
In older times the settlers - when they came to America and even when colonial rule was in Africa or other places - often the local people were found to have things that were of animals but these things were not collections. They were always considered to be of homage to the animal - not something that the animal would offer because it wanted to - such as an elk hide but something that the animal when having died - perhaps given its life that the people could live - would be taken and it would be honored - not prayed to, not treated as a deity but rather considered to be an acknowledgment to that creature. It was often then considered to be truly a way of honoring that creature and it was not done as a rule to take the hide only - as an exception in most cases.
I grant that as time went on the situation changed but in early times it was always done for homage. Now I want to suggest to you that in our times there has been, in recent years a desire to collect nature's beauties but these beautiful items such as butterflies or even butterfly wings are intended to help you to see the beauty in yourselves. It is not often easy to see beauty in one's self in the same way as one sees beauty in nature but nature sees the beauty in us therefore the best tribute we can make is to acknowledge our own beauty.
Sometimes we can do this when walking through an art museum or gallery or perhaps observing beautiful photographs taken by an artistic photographer. It is important to observe the beauty in ourselves that we not attempt to collect and capture it from other worlds. The animals are here to teach us - to show us that beauty is something that is innate in us all. Let us try to see the beauty in ourselves. This will help us to see the beauty in each other.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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