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The Wand Position
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Friday, February 10, 2006

Your Dreams Are Announcing Your Coming Fulfillment

You have all noticed lately that there is a experience you're having which is quite unusual and that is that in your dreams you are experiencing a level of intensity that is not always frightening but is startling. Many, many of you are having this experience and I felt it was important to bring it up.
The startling thing is how physical the dreams are. There is a merging now of consciousness that might sound a bit alarming but this is only because there has been so much speculation and research done in many communities and that is that what you have known as the link between what is called the unconscious or the deep body rhythm and your conscious - meaning what you are aware of - is coming much closer.
The deep body rhythm has to do with why your heart beats, why your blood moves in your body, in short things that happen that you don't consciously do. Oh granted some of you might be able to speed up your heart beat intentionally or slow it down but this is done for reasons other then I would go into here. Still many of you now are experiencing a level of physical experience in your dreams that is so real that when you wake up there is every bit of feeling for you that this is a physical thing your body will be in reaction to - is a physical prompting and the experience of the physicality will be something that is new to you.
In the past you might have had this experience when experiencing a nightmare or perhaps an unusually intense dream but this is different. This is not typically such a unsettling experience and that's why I want to talk to you about it.
Your physical body is bringing itself to your attention not only in your day to day waking life but in your night and early waking stages life. Why, you might ask, "Is something changing? Is there a problem?" No, no. It is that it is time now for you to be aware of the sacred nature of your physical body.
Many religions and philosophy's because of a misunderstanding of the physical body and its processes and other times simply because of an attempt to interpret these processes have jumped with the best of intentions for their times to some conclusions that I believe are not entirely clear and that is that in the teaching I've received - and in my experience is true - is that the physical body - all physical bodies of all beings on this planet is a sacred creation.
Creator has deigned to create these bodies for all of us that our immortal personalities, also known as our souls, occupy. Mother Earth contributes her body to make up these bodies and when our souls depart the bodies quite naturally return to Mother Earth. This is something we can accept, at least philosophically, and yet now what is going on in our experience is a reminder of the sacred nature of physicality. Because there is so much about physicality that we don't know there is a need for us to know. So the deep rhythm of our physical nature is reaching us in new ways.
I will say more about this as time goes on but for now I'd like you to be aware that these experiences in your dream time are nothing to be afraid of. Rather for some of you they will fill in for parts of your life that are not being fulfilled. For others they will help you to wake up to your spiritual capabilities and for still others they will inspire you with new ideas or applications of ideas that are needed to bring about fulfillment. Our sacred physical bodies are attempting to reach us in this way now and it's all about fulfillment.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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