The Wand Position

The Wand Position
Often Used for Magic

Friday, October 28, 2005


Now many of you have felt a sense of dismay when you look about in the world and yet there are opportunities to remind yourself of beauty.
In your world you experience a great many beings, most of you, you see people very frequently sometimes more than you'd like. I'd like you to remember something because it may feel unbelievable at times and that is that everyone, all people and most animals and even some plants, when you are dreaming all pass through or go through the same place. There are certain aspects of energy, Benevolent Beings, Angels, Creator, yes Love that support and sustain Earth and all of those living here.
One of those places is the last place you as a child to be visit just before you are actually born out of your Mother because even though your soul enters your Mother just as soon as the egg and the sperm come together, you travel in and out and in and out of your Mother quite a bit not unlike the way our souls do when we dream and just before you're born you go to that place that people visit when they dream and that's a place that is catering to life itself as we know it.
There you are told that you will have ups and downs in your life and that regardless of who you are, where you go, what you do and how you behave that Creator will love you and even though at the end of your life you might have a review and all that you have done that is good will be felt by you in benevolent ways and all that you have done that harms others will be experienced as teaching and you may feel some of that harm - not in an excruciating detail but you may feel it enough to know the effect of what you have done and yet Creator and your Angels will remind you before life and after life how much you have in common with all life.
So everyone that is around you even though it might be a surprise goes to this place of life every time they dream just as you all go there before you are born and after you pass over.
You all have so much more in common then you have that is different. Try to remember that even though life is, yes full of surprises.
Goodlife and goodnight.

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